Bart's Sweetheart   
Bart's Sweetheart L
MF Bart x MF Sweet Heart

Comments:  D.O.B. 06/28/2007. Picture taken June 2009. In my 25 year's of raising Real Butler Longhorns, this is the best cow ever produced.  Just go to longest_horned_butler_cattle.htm to see the common denominator in horn production.  And I have her, again.  My Sweetheart is genetically identical to the original shown below.  Bart's Sweetheart L's pedigree is guaranteed to be 100% Full Butler breeding.


MF Bart

Superior's Dot


Blue Horns

Droop Horns


Lone Ranger 72

Miss Freckles

Miss Jumbo's Sugar

MF Jumbo Jr

Jumbo Horns

MF Brown Sugar

MF Brown Sugar

Lone Ranger 72

Red Wing

MF Sweet Heart

Ten's ComeAlong 360

He's A Ten

Pappy 'L'

Kerry Belle 'L'

Melanie 'L'


Unknown Butler Dam

MF Blue Heart

Blue Horns

Lone Ranger 72

Freckle Neck

MF Heart Breaker


MF White Horns