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****** UPDATE January 2010**** 

Thought you had a "Straight Butler" longhorn? Bought a longhorn that the owner claimed as "Straight Butler?" Tired of being lied to?  Find out all about Butler longhorn pedigrees in "The Real Butler Story" by Don Limb.

Listed below is just a small part of the information you will learn about Butler pedigrees, and those that make that claim. The following transcription is from an interview with F.M. "Blackie" Graves given in 1992.  It details his beginning in the Longhorn business and the genetic lineage of the cattle that formed the nucleus of his herd. 

F.M. Graves: "O.K., I am F.M. Graves and uh, live in Dayton, Texas and I got in the longhorn business about 1962 and got my first cattle from...the first bull from the Butlers and the first cow from Partlows... is the way I got ‘em. They both gave ‘em to me."

Interviewer: "Is that right?"

F.M. Graves: "uh-hmmm"

Interviewer: "Mr. Dode?"

F.M. Graves: "Huh?"

Interviewer: "Mr. Dode?"

F.M. Graves: "No, Sam"

Interviewer: "Oh, Sam"

F.M. Graves: "Sam, and them give me....Henry brought me a bull, and uh, Henry Butler. And uh, and Sam gave me my first cow. You couldn’t buy no cows back then. Mr. Butler wouldn’t sell you any. And uh,"

Interviewer: "What year was that? About?"

F.M. Graves: "That’s about 1962"

Interviewer: "1962"

F.M. Graves: "yea"

F.M. Graves: "And then Mr. Starks had some WR cattle over in Orange, and when he passed away I bought a bunch of his cattle. That was the Starks cattle, they was WR cattle.  And then finally Mr. Butler went to sell me some cattle...after he got to know me better. And, and uh, then when he passed away well they dispersed his cattle when I bought a good many cattle then."

It's An Undeniable Fact: The "Miss Dayton" longhorn cows with Stark pedigrees originated from the Wichita Wildlife Refuge (WR), not Milby Butler's herd.


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