Excerpt from "The Real Butler Story"-

 "As a side note, I have always questioned them whether DNA testing could determine other bovine genetics (i.e. Brahma/Zebu/Watusi/Hereford) can be detected in registered Texas Longhorn cattle, especially since "accidents" can happen.  Ms. Anderson replied that her laboratory does not yet have enough samples of certified or "pure" Texas Longhorns to conduct the DNA test with a high degree of reliability.  I am convinced that technological advances will enable impurities to be identified in the near future.  Testing will definitively continue to expose those Longhorns which might carry questionable genetics."


Do you ever wonder where the white face/red body comes from in certain registered Texas Longhorn cattle?  Well, I have found the test that will flush out the genetic impurities.

BreedSure™ - Determine breed profile....for details on this test, go to www.Viagen.com

BreedSure answers the question “What is the best estimation of the genetic relationship of this animal to seven major breed classifications?”  

The results of BreedSure report the percentage similarity of the sample tested to registered animals of major cattle breeds. A BreedSure profile can be used to help make management and marketing decisions, such as whether to target an animal toward natural or branded beef programs. BreedSure estimates the breed composition, but it is not an absolute guarantee of the genetic makeup of an animal. Historical blending of breeds from grading up or mis-parentage in long-past generations is sometimes revealed by these tests. Ultimately, it is the breed association that defines whether an animal is or is not included in the registry.