Grand Appearance
Grand Appearance L
Atlas x Edwina

Comments:  D.O.B. 07/01/2007. Picture taken June 2009. Grand Appearance L's stands out among all of my 2007 cows.  Study her pedigree and you will find a large percentage of Butler genetics found in the Lepper subfamily.  Dewitt Meshell was a master at pedigree engineering and crossed his Butler genetics masterly.  I believe I took that one step better by adding the most current Butler bred stars such as Coach, Field Marshall and Atlas.  And you will see that Grand Appearance ranks as a "House Pasture" cow.  Her pedigree is guaranteed to be 100% Real Butler breeding.

Atlas 04 

FA Field Marshall


Don Juan of Christine

Miss Redmac 256


Superior's Dot

MF Dynamite

Bart's SweetHeart

MF Bart

Superior's Dot

Miss Jumbo's Sugar

MF Sweet Heart

Ten's ComeAlong 360

MF Blue Heart


Don DeWitt

Don Juan of Christine


Holman #1

OT Droop A Long

Ten's ComeAlong 360

OT Droopy

Maribeth 486

He's A Ten

Pappy 'L'

Kerry Belle 'L'

Marie 'L'


Pansy  'L'