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Howdy! At Limb Cattle Company, we raise only the highest quality Real Butler Texas Longhorn cattle; emphasizing fertility, confirmation, and the tremendous horn growth genetics found by using only the best of Milby Butler's breeding. We are cattle raisers, not cattle traders. During your visit to us you will see several generations of the same family in our pastures. Come by to see us, our ranch is located approximately 75 miles N.W. of downtown Houston, near the historic town of Washington-on-the-Brazos, Texas. Washington-on-the-Brazos was the original capital of the Republic of Texas and is right in the middle of beautiful bluebonnet country. 


                                                            ****** The Real Butler Story ****** 

Are you interested in using the Milby Butler bloodline in your Texas Longhorn breeding program?  I have spent over twenty years collecting every bit of information I could find on the original Butler cattle and have built a database containing literally all the cows, bulls and steers he ever registered with the Longhorn breed association.  After reading my book, you will know which pedigrees are 100% Butler and those that are being falsely passed off as such.  To read excerpts or order this "no spin" book, just select the book icon on the left.  To quote another Butler breeder, "After reading your book, I purged my herd of the false Butler pedigrees which has made a huge difference in my horn growth genetics and overall body size!" 

                                                                      ****** UPDATE March, 2006 ****** 

One of the greatest Butler breeders of all time, Dr. Frank Anderson published an article in the December, 2005 issue of the "Longhorn Roundup". It shares his thoughts on the past, present and future of the Texas Longhorn cattle derived from the Milby Butler family line. This article is an important addition to your Longhorn library, as well as "The Real Butler Story". To read this insightful article in it's entirety, select the Butler Info link to the left. 

                                                                       ****** UPDATE March, 2005 ****** 

Don Limb, author of "The Real Butler Story", was recently invited to speak at the ITLA University on February 25, 2005. The subject was "Exploring the Genetic Foundation of  Today's Texas Longhorn". Don has over 20 years of first-hand knowledge of Texas Longhorns, specializing in full-blood Butler and straight Butler bloodlines. He has decided to upload his manuscript in order to allow other interested Texas Longhorn breeders access to this information. Access his presentation by selecting the Butler Info button on the left.

                                                                        ****** UPDATE January,  2004**** 

Dewitt Meshell, David and Bracey Wars visit our ranch; just to talk about the past, present & future of the Butler bloodline.

                                                                        ****** UPDATE November,  2003**** 

     Back in Texas!!  

Thank you Vladimir Koloff, for giving us the famous Butler TO and the Partlow brands. We are incredibly appreciative that he would  honor us with this gift. Vladimir received these two famous brands from Sam Partlow in the early 1980's and held on to them awaiting a suitable home. After reading "The Real Butler Story", Vladimir knew these two famous brands found their rightful home at Limb Cattle Company.

Thank you Vladimir,


****** UPDATE September, 2003**** 

We recently received notification from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission that "The Real Butler Story" has been accepted as an addition to The Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center, located in Liberty, Texas. In his confirmation letter, Mr. Robert Schaadt, Director-Archivist of the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center, wrote "Enjoyed your book! Great history!" This historical resource is now available to any researcher of Texas history!

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