****** February,  2006**** 

Since writing “The Real Butler Story” I’ve had many inquiries questioning if “Man O’War is a Butler bull or not”.   I uncovered some of the fallacies and inconsistencies in his actual registration, however an excerpt from the 2003 Butler Breeder’s Invitational sale catalog explains it clearly.  “Unlike paperwork, which becomes separated from the animal, brands stay with the animal for life.  And as any good cowman knows, brands tell a cow’s life story.  If the brands identified it as Butler, then it was Butler. “  

Listed below are the facts on Man O’War:

Therefore, the only logically conclusion is that since Buck Eckols raised Longhorns originating from the Peeler family line, and he branded Man O’War, then Man O’War is actually a Peeler bred bull, not Butler.