Mustang Sally
mustang sally

Comments:  I have raised the maternal side of Mustang Sally’s pedigree for the last four generations.  Every subsequent generation has surpassed the previous.  This is a great example of long term planning.  Mustang Sally is a fertile cow, passing on her horn genetics to her offspring that is listed below.  She has a beautiful blue and red roan coloration that is hard to find.  I really expect a lot out of this family line, and it shows in her offspring.  Exposed to Atlas from 01/07/05 to present.  Observed heat with Atlas on 02/19 for an estimated calving date of 11/29/05.  Guaranteed 100% Full Butler.

the mustang sally family

For more information on Mustang Sally's progeny, scroll and select their picture from the reference section at left, or from their picture below.

Maggie May
Maggie May 151 Credence
Mustang Sally 2006 Heifer  
2006 Heifer
Sire: Atlas