The Nucleus of Partlow and F.M. Graves Breeding....
....and you thought they started out with only Butler breeding?

In 1956, R.G. and Sam Partlow of Liberty, Texas started their Texas Longhorn herds with genetics from the Wichita Wildlife Refuge  (WR).  And it is almost sacrilegious to say that F.M. Graves has nothing but Butler breeding, but the facts remain irrefutable.  Most of the cows in the "Miss Dayton" line were purchased from Lutcher Stark of Orange, Texas in 1965.  The genetics found in the Stark herd originate from the Wichita Wildlife Refuge.  

Listed below are links to pictographs which reflect the lineage of the animals found in the Partlow and Graves herds.

Partlow/WR Breeding

Graves/WR Breeding