by Don Limb

An Undeniable Fact
presented to the TLBAA Board of Directors
 August 20, 2007.

On August 20, 2007 I presented "An Undeniable Fact" to the TLBAA Board of Directors. The purpose of this presentation was to inform the Board of Directors that pedigree migration and misrepresentations is a serious problem and needs to cease.  By not addressing this issue and stopping these pedigree misrepresentations, specifically those claiming 100% Butler ancestry, the TLBAA Board of Directors lack of action may be perceived that this is an acceptable part of the Longhorn business.  The manuscript, or rough-draft of my new book was delivered to each Board of Director which includes over 250 pages of documented evidence of pedigree misrepresentations in the Butler longhorn ancestry.  The last chapter and outcome will be the result of their decision.

For more information regarding Butler longhorn pedigree misrepresentations feel free to email or call 936-878-2988.