February 23, 2019

Hong Kong Investment and Work Visas – Firms Can Get Approval

We have had a couple of Intriguing Hong Kong speculation visa ‘wins’ which contradict the normally parlayed mantra that ‘one man organizations never get acknowledged’ by the HK Immigration Department.

What follows cannot be said to apply in each and every case of a one-man only investment visa program for Hong Kong, but it does speak to the fact that such companies CAN actually receive an approval in the HKID – if only you have:

  • A rationale for starting out as a single operator.
  • Funds to invest at a level that is marginally higher than the minimum 6 months cash flow.
  • A dynamic on your business plan that is or compelling offers attractive or infrequent ‘capital’.
  • Jobs to be created by A intention if not immediately.
  • Your ducks otherwise lined up!

With Safeguard the confidentiality of our customers hong kong work visa, here are the conditions of two, independent ‘one individual businesses’ that went on to secure their HKID’s acceptance and with the applications being managed by us. The primary included an inside format Services proficient who had a few years earlier home in Hong Kong as a specialist yet was changing vocations totally in participating in his new association. His company was ‘him’, for all intents and purposes but he did have some ‘household IP’ which he had been bringing to the company, which his father had implemented in a similar family business in the UK for more than 30 years.

hong kong work visaWhilst his father had retired some years before, he had been appointed to the board of the customer’s one man limited liability company and was manifestly likely to help his son out with advice and counsel. Throw in 12 months worth of funds prepared to spend, the support of particular HK contacts that indicated they would offer business to this, originally, 1 man operation and a strategy which clearly revealed that when the growth trajectory was attained, new jobs would be created as sure as night follows day, the HKID bought into the debate and approved the program with no more fuss than could be expected where there are much bigger scale investment strategies for hong kong work visa.

A female was taken in by the case Mental health specialist in a profession that does not require formal registration in the HKSAR and that had been wanting to establish a new clinic, having grown tired of working in a recent job in Hong Kong that was not in any way connected with her actual qualifications. As it happened, the commercial justification for starting the company was always likely to be nebulous – she had been the product, after all, and she just had a limited amount of time that she could sell.